Heart for Her is our annual tax-appeal, raising the essential funds to purchase and enable

State-of-the-art life saving equipment and technologies for women and newborns

Innovative clinical programs, creating world firsts and leading the way in women's health

Ground-breaking research for better health outcomes of future generations

For every woman.

When Sue was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at her local GP in Nyngan, over 600km west of Sydney, The Royal was there for her. 

Sue feared the worst with her diagnosis. The dedicated team at The Royal not only assured her that she would be okay, but they saved her life. 

Sue is one of 10,000 women cared for by The Royal each year and one of the 20% of patients who travel from across the state for the specialised care only available at the only dedicated women's hospital in NSW.

Watch Sue's story here

For every baby and family.

Chris and Liam knew for a long time that having a family was important to both of them. Their journey to get there was not easy. 

At 30 weeks gestation, their little girl Amelia was delivered via emergency caesarean at The Royal after complications in their pregnancy with surrogate, Sarah. 

Amelia spent weeks in the NICU where she received around-the-clock care and remained connected to life-saving equipment until she was healthy enough to be moved closer to home.

Watch Amelia's story here

Her Stories

Her Stories is a 10-part photo series highlighting the unique and important role that
The Royal plays in women's and newborn health. The Royal truly is a place for women of all ages.
Each story shows the incredible dedication of the staff of The Royal as well as the help that is needed through donations.

Two Strong Hearts

When Toni's husband Chris received a shock cancer diagnosis, their family was forced to make quick decisions about their future. The Royal's Fertility Research Centre was there for Toni and Chris and helped bring their baby Tilly into the world. 

Read the full story here.

Creating Life

As an Embryologist in The Royal's Fertility and Research Centre, Sarah provides life-transforming fertility services for people seeking to grow their families. 

Read the full story here.

Home Comforts

Royal Midwife Jen looks forward to welcoming her first baby in July via The Royal's At Home Birth Program, the only publicly-funded home birth program in the country. 

Read the full story here.

No Place Like Home

The Royal's Hospital in the Home program allowed baby Jude to go home from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit a week earlier, allowing parents Caroline and Nav to provide all the care he needed from the comfort of their own home.

Read the full story here.

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