The Royal provides personalised maternity care to more than 4,200 mums every year. This includes the hundreds of women who chose to participate in the Home Birth Program, like Jen. 

Jen has always been passionate about motherhood, from delivering babies as a midwife, carrying out research projects that serve to improve the health outcomes for pregnant mothers, and lastly, to becoming a mother herself.

Jen met the man she would spend the rest of her life with on the beach. Their first exchange was simple - ‘Can you mind my stuff while I go to the bathroom’ he asked, and the rest is history. The couple instantly connected with one another and the next 6 months were filled with memories of connection, travel, and bonding. After this period Jen fell pregnant and the couple was over-the-moon to welcome their first baby boy in late 2023.

As an integral part of The Royal Midwifery staff since 2017. Jen has delivered up to 10 babies on any one shift over the last several years, served as a clinical midwifery specialist, and is currently participating in a research project in controlled trials.

Planning the birth of her child was an easy decision for Jen. She chose The Royal for her healthcare during the pregnancy and decided to partake in the At Home Birth Program.

‘I really trust the care here; I am really looking forward to giving birth.'

The At Home Birth Program offered at The Royal is the only publicly funded program in the country. It offers women and families the chance to give birth in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by home comforts and loved ones.

Meeting her partner on the beach turned out to be an incredibly serendipitous moment for Jen. She is someone who thrives in nature and had always envisioned starting her labour on the beach, inspired by First Nations People, who have conducted sacred birthings for tens of thousands of years on beaches across the country.

Jen is a spiritual person, deeply connected to the ceremonious act of starting labour on the beach. Once labour is in motion, Jen will transfer home where her dedicated midwife from The Royal will assist in delivering her baby boy in her home with her partner by her side.

Your donation to Heart for Her this June will enable The Royal to provide specialised birthing programs for thousands of women every year like Jen. 

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