Australia's First Uterine Transplant at The Royal

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The Royal Hospital for Women has been given ethics approval to carry out Australia's first uterus transplant as part of a ground-breaking research program.

The uterine transplant project led by Dr. Rebecca Deans, Dr. Jana Pittman, and Prof. Jason Abbott at The Royal Hospital for Women requires significant philanthropic investment ($1.2M) over the next five years to complete the Australian trial of 12 transplants. The project funding will drive research and support the multi-disciplinary clinical team at The Royal.

“This kind of research offers hope for women who’ve been unable to carry a child and have always longed to.” Dr. Rebecca Deans  

Uterine transplant candidate, Kirsty Bryant with husband Nick and daughter Violet. 

Paediatric Adolescent Gynaecologist, Dr. Rebecca Deans.

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