Australia's First Uterine Transplant at The Royal

Life-changing innovation thanks to our donors

A surgical team at The Royal Hospital for Women has become the first in Australia to perform a uterus transplant. The clinical trial, led by gynaecologist Dr Rebecca Deans saw the successful surgery carried out on 10 January 2023 with both donor and recipient recovering well.

Australia’s first uterine transplant recipient, Kirsty Bryant had an emergency hysterectomy in 2021 after suffering a major haemorrhage during the birth of her first child.  Kirsty’s mother, Michelle Hayton, 53 was her uterine donor.

Women who are candidates for a uterine transplant include those born without a uterus or those who’ve had them surgically removed for reasons such as cancer or complications with childbirth.

Generous support from our donors and partners have made innovation like this possible at The Royal. A further $1M is now required to fully fund the research trial.

Please support with a donation below or reach out should you wish to donate offline.

Gynaecologist and uterine transplant project lead, Dr. Rebecca Deans.

Uterine transplant candidate, Kirsty Bryant post-surgery with Sylvia Jeffries at The Royal.

Sylvia Jeffries, Kirsty Bryant, Professor Jason Abbott, and Dr Jana Pittman at Breakthroughs, a fundraiser for this important program.

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