The Royal Hospital for Women is delighted to announce the safe arrival of the first baby to be born in Australia from a transplanted uterus.
Baby Henry Bryant arrived into the world by caesarean section on 15th of December 2023 weighing a healthy 2.9kg. Dr Antonia Shand, Dr Sarah Lyons and midwives from the hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine department led the highly specialised pregnancy and birth care.
Dr Rebecca Deans and Swedish surgeon Mats Brännström performed the original uterine transplant and continued to support the family through to birth. 
Henry’s mother Kirsty Bryant, 30, was the first woman in Australia to undergo a uterus transplant as part of a ground-breaking research trial funded by donations through the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.
“This trial is the culmination of 25 years of collaborative research and persistence on a global scale so to be able to see a baby born here in Australia is incredible,” said Dr Deans.
On the 10th of January 2023 Kirsty and her mother Michelle, 53, underwent extensive surgery that saw Michelle’s uterus transplant into Kirsty so she could carry another child.
“I’m so grateful to all the medical team who helped get us here and for being given the opportunity to be a part of this research trial. It’s allowed me to give birth to another baby which is something I never thought I would do again,” she said.
Professor Brännström who performed the world’s first successful uterus transplantation in Sweden which led to a live birth, returned to Australia for Henry’s birth.
“This gives hope to other women with uterine factor infertility that they can carry a child of their own without the need for other options such as adoption and surrogacy,” he said.
Kirsty had an emergency hysterectomy in 2021 after suffering a major haemorrhage following the birth of her first child Violet. 
Women who are candidates for a uterine transplant include those born without a uterus or those who have had their uterus surgically removed for reasons such as cancer or complications with childbirth.
Since Kirsty’s surgery, two more women have undergone a uterus transplant at The Royal Hospital for women. One of these women is now pregnant.
Funds for the surgeries and research trial have been raised by The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation through generous philanthropic donors who support innovation and advancements in women’s health.
Further investment and support is required for the research trial which will continue through to 2025.
Please support with a donation below or reach out should you wish to discuss supporting the trial and donating offline.

Gynaecologist and uterine transplant project lead, Dr. Rebecca Deans.

Uterine transplant candidate, Kirsty Bryant post-surgery with Sylvia Jeffries at The Royal.

Kirsty with baby Henry, born on 15th December 2023.

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