"Meet Ann-Marie, Clinical Nurse Specialist of over 20 years and one of the Newborn Care Centre angels."

Ann-Marie began her midwifery training at The Royal Hospital for Women in 1993. She was placed in the nursery, and she fell in love.

“I love the people, love the babies and love the families. I feel good about what I do, and I feel like I achieve every day.”

There is no such thing as a typical day in Ann-Marie’s job. She is always managing diverse situations with different families. Every day at work Ann-Marie and the NCC staff act as carers, educators, advisors and counsellors. Every family is different, and they each face unique difficulties the team help them to overcome. “I really enjoy my job. It is challenging, but it really is a team effort. I think we do a great job as a collective, including the parents.” Ann-Marie was one of the CNSs nurses who cared for the Crank triplets during their time in The Royal’s NCC.

“I cared for the Crank triplets on level two and three. Scott and Lola were such involved parents. Anything we advised, they would do. They were very eager to learn.”

Another part of Ann-Marie’s wonderful job is to teach the parents about their children’s condition. Lola and Scott learnt about their babies’ saturation levels, and how to read their heart rates.

“Lola was very overwhelmed initially, and I think once she got over the shock of the whole thing she really became involved. She would come in at 8am and leave at 4pm every day. She was in hospital with those boys for quite a few months, doing everything with them. Scott sadly had to go back to work a couple of weeks after they were born, but he came in every night after work to be with them.”

Lola and Scott popped in to the Hospital recently, and visited Ann-Marie and the NCC staff with the boys. 

“The boys were beautiful! They all look fantastic. Considering what they came from and the likelihood that Lola could have potentially had children with difficulties – she’s got three perfect boys. I had a really great sense of satisfaction when I saw them again. But I always say to the mums when they bring them back, that this is because of them. They are the constant in the babies’ lives. They are there every day. I am always quick to put the glory back on them. They’ve had such a long journey with lots of highs and lows, but Lola and Scott have sense serenity about them…I think they are amazing. They were so appreciative and it just makes the job so much better”.