Albie's 1st Birthday

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I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

My waters broke at 23 weeks. The doctors told me my baby would be coming out very soon and that outcomes for my baby were not very good. I held on for 7 weeks and Albie was born at 30 weeks weighing 1.7kg. He needed ventalator support ( machines that cost $50K) he needed NAVA support ( machines which the NICU at the Royal were the 1st in Australia to get) CPAP support, high flow and low flow oxygen support before he could come home. 

 It took 5days for him to be stable enough for me to give him his first cuddle. It took 11 weeks  for him to learn to breathe on his own and come home.  It costs the hospital a little over $5,000 a day to look after babies in the NICU. 

The odds were never in his favour yet despite all of that he's now a healthy, happy, chilled out little boy who is turning 1. 

This page is just set up to be able to give a little back to the amazing team and hospital that saved my little boy's life. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Robyne Cleaves


Sarah-beth Cleaves




Ryan (jenny & Jay) Brotherston

Your son is a beacon of light on the darkest of days, a true Gift from God destined to make an amazing mark on the world! Know you are a great Mother loved by many especially us!!


Kanako Sando

Happy birthday Albie! You're the best baby. I really wanted to get you loads of noisy fun toys


Rach & Dion Cleaves

Albie you make us feel so blessed to have you in our lives!! Keep up the good work you little legend!!! Xx


Kate, Mel And Otis

Happy 1st birthday Albie!


Bhree Lowry

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Albie!!! What a little champ you are. Love you lots


Robyn, Nick And Bertie

Happy 1st Birthday Albie!


Georgina And Ronan Leonard

Happy birthday Albie, you are a gorgeous little man with a gorgeous mummy. Take good care of her, because she has taken the very best care of you. We love you mate!

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