Shaving For a Machine

By Erica Baigrie

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

August 20th, 2015 I had my hair cut and I haven't cut it since. 

I realise you don't usually remember the exact dates you cut your hair but this happens to have been only 2 months before my sister Naomi was diagnosed with breast cancer so it has stuck in my mind. 

Naomi's hair started falling out a couple of months after starting treatment until she eventually called it and had it shaved off.

I remember this being the first time since her diagnosis that I felt really upset. It was the first time I realised she was really sick. 

My other sister, Laura and I both offered to shave our hair in solidarity but that wasn't what Naomi wanted at the time and that was when I started to think about letting my hair grow and shaving it off as a fundraiser. 

By August 2016, Naomi had finished her chemo treatment, was finishing off her radiation treatment and her hair was just growing back as her body was slowly recovering. 

In 2017 and 2018, she finished her final treatments and tests and was given the all - clear. 

Through it all, my hair continued to grow. It became a weird symbol to me of all the growth and changes that have happened for me and both of my sister's throughout Noami's cancer and since it's completion. 

Now, Naomi is moving forward, starting a new career and marrying her lovely partner and it feels like it's time for me to move on as well.

So on May 30th 2020, I will shave all my hair off and fundraise for the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation in NSW. They are currently fundraising for a mammogram machine for the hospital as they have been sharing one all this time.

The effectiveness of Naomi's treatment has a lot to do with how quickly her lump was found and diagnosed so the thought of having unnecessary waitlists for a mammogram machine is not ok. 

Please help me raise my target of $3000 towards a mammogram machine! 

Thank you to my Supporters





So proud of you Erica .... donated in Memory of my long time friend who lost her battle in 2017.



Amazing effort and commitment Erica! You are a wonderful sister and friend for doing this. 😘




Elizabeth And Lindsey Timms

Very proud of you!


Kathryn Boyd

Great job Erica, what an inspiration :)


Brittany Gunst

You’re amazing Erica!


Leona Burnett



June Scott


Brad Penfold

All the best with the fundraising. Preparing to be surprised when the hair comes off!


Julie Ellard

Well done Erica, I am a survivor like your sister and understand the importance of raising funds.


Sarah Riley

Well done Erica for supporting such a wonderful cause.


Emily Mcduff



Louise Hales


Heather Fulton

Hi Erica, It's only a small amount but I'll try and donate something out of my fortnightly pay for you. Have a great day




Matt Gunst


Michael And Lesley Madden

It's a great thing you are doing Erica. We do pray that the hospital gets enough money to get the machine and that Naomi continues to be well.


Elaura Hanger


Patrice & Willow Woodland

Hope you reach your goal !


Rachel S

Go girl!


Rita Crawford

Well done! So so brave!

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