Gracie's Gift to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Team

By Amy-Lee Hall

Help me raise funds for Maternal Fetal Medicine

At 23 weeks into my pregnancy, I started contracting and after presenting to my local hospital, was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Women that same night. I was looked after by the Maternal Fetal Medicine team,  Dr Antonia Shand and her fellows, Dr Willem Gheysen  and Dr Amanda Lazzaro. What a dream team they are! 
Diagnosed with a very short cervix, I was told I was very high risk to deliver our daughter very early. Dr Shand and her team put in a Cervical Cerclage, and thanks to their skills and state of the art equipment, I was able to successfully give our daughter an extra 3weeks and 3 days in my uterus. 
Dr Shand watched over us so closely and when it became apparent I had a bad infection, she guided me through the terrifying reality of delivering our 26+3day baby girl. 
Without her, and without the management and careful watch of this team, both myself and our daughter Grace may not be alive. This woman is the reason we're both here, and why Grace especially is doing as well as she is. We owe her our lives. 
Grace is now 28 weeks, in the NICU at the Royal and is currently stable. The MFM team are trying to raise $10,000 to purchase a new state of the art ultrasound machine, so they can continue working with and saving the lives of women with high risk pregnancys like me. I want to help them achieve this goal, in Gracie's name. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Damien & Amy Hall

To the wonderful Maternal Fetal Medicine team who saved Amy and Grace's lives we hope this donation helps you to purchase another ultrasound machine to help other mums and bubs


Berenice Murphy

For both my girls, and the excellent medical team that continues to care for them xoxo


Greg And Karen Hall

Our Donation to the Nicu for the much needed equipment that allows our Gracie and future premature babies to have that chance in life.


Carmel Blades

All the best Gracie! The staff that work in this field are amazing and dedicated people. Love to you all.




Donna And Family

Sending lots of love to you all love Donna, Nanna Joan, Aunty Karen and the ferals 💕


Noah's Staff

From your friends at Noah's. We miss you and hope all is well with your beautiful family.


Rachael And Joy Gaewmoragot

So thankful your beautiful baby is ok.



Firstly congratulations on your beautiful new addition to the family! All my best wishes to Gracie and those who are caring for you at this time! Love Eleonore xo


Lea Family

Sending beautiful Gracie lots of love from the Lea family xxx


Margot And Neil Greaney

To Darling Gracie and all the special little souls that need a helping hand for a healthy, happy life ahead.



Sending so much love to you, Grace and the family! Missing your beautiful presence and brains at work xo


Sue Cuninghame

Thinking of you so much Amy, and really wishing you Gracie and your team all the very best. Sue xxx


Mel Harpur

Sending you and your lil mob much love XXX


Donna Ward



I can’t wait to meet my sister. I love her so much already ❤️❤️. Love you Mum and Dad give Gracie a hug and kiss for me. Love from Jack xoxoxo


Great Nan And Poppy Murphy

Dear Amy & Damien, so happy Gracie is doing well. Such wonderful medical care. You all have been in my prayers. We are looking forward to meeting our newest great grand child. Love Nan and Poppo Murphy xoxo


Kerrie Brodie

A worthy fund raiser Amy love and strength to you and your family xoxoxo


Debby Maciver

What a wonderful way to say thanks, love and strength to you and your beautiful family Ames xxx 💕


Tricia And Ron Sheldrick

So happy to donate to such a wonderful cause in Gracie’s name. Love to you all. 💕


True & Jason Sawrey

All the best to you and Gracie. Xxx


Mechelle Mccracken

My heart is with you all xx


Catherine Coombes


Crossfit Reclaim

So proud of you for raising money! Grace and many more children will be positively impacted by this.


Chantel Pickett

Sending so much love to you all ❤️❤️❤️


Sheridan Wicks

What fighters you and little Grace are! I hope you both continue to recover well and Grace grows up strong and healthy. Sheridan xo


Marg Sutherland

Sending lots of love to you and Gracie !!! Keep on growing little Gracie so we can meet you and give you lots of hugs. Love and best wishes Marg xxx


Deb Jefferis

Hey Amy Congratulations ! Wishing you all the best of the very best and love seeing all your beautiful photos of your precious Gracie. What an absolute treasure. Take care and look forward to meeting her soon! xxxx


Kylie Van Der Neut

Keep kicking goals Grace


Hayley Matthews

Love you all❤️




Christine Mckay

If not for dedicated medical teams and vital equipment, premature babies like precious Gracie would not have the same chance of life.


Robyn Bates


Jodie Strange


Grace Hall


Tracey Balaz

Dear Amy and Damien. What a journey this has been for you both as new parents. Kiss that baby girl every single day. Much love Tracey


Steph Barnes

Keep growing big and strong Gracie!


Steph Tonkin

Wishing you all the best! Steph (Campbell Page)


Narelle Clay

So glad you and bub are doing well Amy. Good on you for doing this good deed.


Paula Foard

For all the new Mums and Bubs xoxo


Adrian Santo

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