Birth of Asher Oz

By Monique Krochmalik

My Updates

With deepest gratitude, our healthy baby is born.

Monday 15th Jan

After a very complicated pregnancy, came a very uncomplicated birth of our beautiful, healthy baby boy on 8 Jan at 5:45pm at a truly incredible 38 weeks and 3 days after ruptured membranes and multiple bleeds at 26 weeks, where we were told that our baby boy would likely be born very soon and we would face months of care in the NICU. 

We are eternally grateful for the world-class medical care we received while being admitted to hospital for many weeks, and feel incredibly blessed to have had access to such vital care that kept mum and baby healthy and strong. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daniel Krochmalik

We are thrilled to have our blessed boy in our lives!


Marianna Atlas

HUGE THANKS to the entire team for looking after Monique & seeing her through to Asher's birth


Alla Serhan

This Miracle of Miracles helps us all to be AOK…a forever reminder that we can never lose hope…we love you xxx


Sophie And Yacov Kerner

Lots of love from Family Kerner


J&n Green

Wishing you a hearty mazaltov on the birth of Asher Oz. May he bring you and your families much joy, love, happiness and laughter! Love Jerome, Nicky, Jonah and Tayla


Jorian Catzel

Mazaltov to you and your family. Love Shelley and Jorian


Rita & Gary Gould

Mazaltov and our very best wishes on the birth of Asher


Marshall And Sandra Plit

Mazeltov on the birth of Asher Oz. May he be a source of joy and nachas to you all. Love Marshall and Sandy Plit


Graham And Sharon Hurwitz

Dear Monique , Daniel and family, We are delighted to celebrate the birth of Asher by donating to this worthy cause in his honour. After the difficult time you experienced and the wonderful care you received, it is a lovely though and gift to those in need. Love Graham and Sharon.


Garry & Kerri Filler

Mazeltov on the birth of Asher. May you be blessed with much joy and naches from him always.


Eva Green

Heartiest congratulations Monique and Dan! We send all our love.


Asher Oz Krochmalik


Claire Noorbergen

Welcome baby Asher and thank you Royal women’s hospital for the amazing support of you both through to full term! A wonderful miracle baby! Love from the Noorbergens xxx


Linda And Michael Jaku

Thrilled for you and your families. Lots of love Linda and Michael Jaku


Tanya Poggo

Mazeltov! Welcome to the world beautiful Asher! All our love, The Poggo fam Xx


Dan And Paula Shakenovsky & Family



Marlene Franks

Dear Monique and Daniel Mazeltov on the birth of your son Asher Oz We are sure he will bring you a lot of joy and "'nachas'' Lots of love Mike and Marlene


Gonski Fam

Dearest Mon & Krock, Mazeltov on the birth of your gorgeous miracle boy Asher. We are so happy for you guys. Enjoy this very special time as a fam of 5. Look forward to the beautiful chaos together 10x! Lots of love, Mike, Kerry, Alex, Charlotte, Jayden (and Potus) x


Richard & Lydia Lazarus

So happy for you all. What a blessing. Mazeltov. Look forward to meeting your special little man. Love Richard & Lydia Lazarus


Lauren And Ryan Gordon

Welcome to the world baby Asher! We are so excited to meet you. What a little miracle you are and may you continue to bring joy to your gorgeous family xxxx


Carly Levy

Dearest Asher, Welcome to the world. Very excited to meet you and so lovely to see the joy you have brought to your family! Lots of love, the Levys xxx

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