Mia Grace

By Jordan & Matt Wright

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

The care we recieved at The Royal Hospital for Women during a very difficult time is something we will be forever grateful for. Your contributions to this page will help the departments at The RHW continue to do amazing work in supporting bereaved families.

We are raising funds for two specific items that helped us in our darkest of hours and hope that they too will help other bereaved families.Β 

Cold cots are a newborn cot, powered by electricity and kept at low temperature that are set up at a mothers bedside to be able to keep a departed baby in so that families can have a final opportunity to spend time with their babies before they have to say their final goodbyes.Β 

The Butterfly Room is a private nursery, dedicated for one family at a time, within the antenatal ward of The RHW where our departed babies are able to be nursed, cared for and loved and also where the angelic bereavement midwives look after our babies when a new mother needs a break or needs time apart for medical treatment.

It is so reassuring knowing that a place such as this exists whilst you are within the four walls of the hospital where your baby will be cared for, loved and treated like one of the nurses own whilst you are unable to be with them during the time you are in hospital.Β 

The sadness you experience not being able to bring your baby home to a nursery is something that breaks the heart of new parents. The butterfly room gives bereaved parents that opportunity to be able to nurse their sleeping angels in the butterfly room and create really special memories with them before you say your final goodbyes.Β 

Your contributions, love and support will go along way to ensuring the hospital is able to purchase and maintain the cold cots to a high standard and that the butterfly room can be refurbished so that any other family who has to experience what we did have the same opportunity we did to also say goodbye in the most loving and benevolent of places!

Thank you for honouring our baby girl. Jordan, Matt, Archie & Mia xxx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shane Lloyd


Jordan, Matt & Archie Wright

Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We love you so much Mia. Mum, Dad & Archie xxx


Tracey Washington

Forever our first Mia Grace Wright 🀍


Carol Wright

Matthew and Jordan, Mia Grace will forever be in our hearts. Love Mum and Dad


Margaret Wright

Fly high over the rainbow, Mia Grace 🀍 your Great Granny loves you forever πŸ¦‹


Guy Maria Parker

All our love to you both ♥️


Ben Wong

Thinking of you guys, your little one is now a star in the night sky. Your time will come soon I’m sure of it . People like you are meant to have babies hang in there.


Michelle & Curtis Willcox

Your Aunty & Uncle will love you forever Mia Grace πŸ€πŸ¦‹


Rob And Marijke Henderson/conrade

Such sad news Matt. But this is a wonderful gesture on your part to honour your baby daughter. Big hugs Rob and Marijke


Luke O’neill


Jord, Ash And Z

Fly high little Mia 🀍 Jord, Ash and Z


Lee Tredwell & Louise Maroney

Thinking of you guys. A great way to honour your little daughter Mia…


Carla Eade

Giving what I can because I know how grateful I was for those few extra days with Apollo and having that time alone to grieve.


Alison Douglas

Mia, you were a blessing to my two dearest friends and you will forever be in our hearts 🀍


Michele Deece

In loving memory of Mia and sending hugs to her parents. x


Nicole Sassine

Your family will forever have an angel looking over you all.


Mark Kelly

In honour of Mia and our own angels, and the amazing staff and services at Royal Women’s! ❀️


Kirsty & Brenden


Nic Short

Words can’t explain , so so sad . My deepest sympathy !!


Claire Kennedy


Michelle Stalgis & Chris Reidy



I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. Sending love and peace to you both. x


Paul Sharratt


Rachel Kennedy

God bless your little angel Mia xx


Carli Levin

Sending you both so much love and strength. X



Thinking of you both and thank you for raising awareness to such a good cause xx


Carolynne And Matt Bobridge



All my love and thoughts are with you Jordan and Matt!!! ❀️❀️



Good bless you all


Alyssa Robilliard

Rest well Mia. Thinking of you Jordan and Matt x


Cam And Rach

Sending all our love guys x


Chloe, Luke & Lottie


Rhonda Alaeddin

Thinking of you both, fly high little on πŸ¦‹πŸ’•πŸ’•


Belinda Yeates

What a beautiful way to honour your little angel. Sending much love


Tilly, Troy & Lachie

Sending so much love ❀️


Larissa Evans


Suz Enright

Jordan and Matt you are both so incredible and the love you have for each other is beyond admirable. Sweet Mia will be forever with you. Love you πŸ’•


Nardia Destefano

πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸΌ Mark & Nardia Destefano


Brendon And Rachel Tasker


Gabrielle Lee



Esmeralda Karlsone

With lots love 🀍 thinking of you!


Tina Duckmanton

To your beautiful Mia she will always be with you, guiding you and giving you so much love,


Gail Hawkins


Alex Law

All my love to you both ❀️


Bianca Betheldo

Rest In Peace beautiful Mia, how lucky the world is to have your spirit part of us. Jordan and Matty, your strength as parents in this journey is admirable, and I’m so sorry your time with Mia was taken. She won’t be forgotten ❀️


Talisa Sutton

Beautiful Mia, you have the most wonderful parents who love you so very much. I know that you and my angel Thea are up there together, watching over us always xx


Brooke Kennedy

Thinking of you all and the Angel in the sky, your beautiful Mia Grace xx


Alice Thrower


Shane Lyons




Danielle Chapman

My thoughts are going out to you Jordan & Matt . I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through something so heartbreaking. Baby Mia will always be with you throughout life . Sending you all my love and thoughts . Xxxx Danielle


Tara, Paul & Addy Stringer

Jordan & Matt, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful girl, Mia Grace, will forever be etched in our hearts. Sending so much love to Mum, Dad, Mia & Archie xoxox


Mat Sigmund


Claye And Brig

Thinking of you both πŸ’›


Max Warren


Kath Mills







Whilst you morn the loss of your little girl please remember that she will always remain in your heart. The days will get easier but she will never be forgotten

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