Kali's First Mother’s Day Fundraiser for NICU at The Royal

By Kali

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

Hi everyone, 

This is our fundraising page for Kali's First Mother's Day for NICU at The Royal.

At The Royal Hospital for Women, 70% of the equipment used for NICU babies is only available through donation. It is something we are very grateful we had access to from someone else’s generosity.

Currently, NICU at The Royal are most in need of an UltraBlender, a machine our daughter used daily whilst a patient there. Respiratory support is essential for the survival of very premature and critically ill babies. The UltraBlender improves the accuracy in delivering the right amount of oxygen for critical care of these babies. It is important because too much or too little oxygen into their lungs can be harmful to baby affecting brain and eye development. 

For my first Mother’s Day, I would like to help raise funds to purchase an UltraBlender for NICU at The Royal Hospital for Women, worth $4000. I am so grateful that we had access to one and know as a parent how much this put us at ease in ensuring her oxygen levels were well supported. It’s because of equipment like the UltraBlender that Hermione was able to recover beautifully and come home with us quickly. It also meant we could bond and have cuddles with her in hospital while she was safely supported with this machine. 

If you would like to donate towards allocating funds to purchase an UltraBlender in her name, please follow the link below. No amount is too small. If we don't reach the goal, we will still allocate funds towards the purchase of an UltraBlender, and if we surpass our goal we will look towards allocating funds for another piece of life-saving equipment that NICU needs; a Humidifier used for ventilation.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind messages - sending lots of love,

The Aldridge Family xxxx

Thank you to my Sponsors



We are so grateful for the staff, services and equipment that was available for Hermione and enabled her to come home a well little bub.


Matoyla And Anthia Kollaras

It is so wonderful to see that Hermione is well and happy. Her resilience is not onky a testament to her strength and will, but to the love and the care from everyone involved in her life's first journey.


Monika Kollaras

In honour of you, Hermione, and the immense strength you have already shown such a young age - may this donation help other babies that enter this world needing the help of the wonderful healthcare staff and equipment they need.


Chris And Anna Georgas

Thank you to the wonderful staff for helping our beautiful girl come home as soon as she did. Hermione, you are a blessing to all of us


Stella Kondilis And Chris Young

Love to you all!


Patrick & Christie Touma

A beautiful cause that we’re happy to support. Hermione is lucky to have such amazing parents. Xxxx


Tom & Lou Monty


Doug Aldridge

You’ve done so well babe! Well done!


Hair By Deana

Sorry we can’t be there on the day but I really hope you reach your goal and more!


Anna Kalmeno

Wishing our gorgeous girl good health, happy Bub and surrounded by lots of 💕


Maria Anthony

Such a wonderful first Mother's day gift giving back. Well done and Happy Mothers Day!


The Moros

So grateful for the for services like these!!! Xx


Nick Turner

Great cause Kali!!! Well done on all of the donations


Nicole & Kosta Korkidas

Love from Nicole, Kosta and Michael xxx


Antonia Georgas


Peter And Deyana Mihailou


Penny Spyridopoulos

Hope this donation helps future NICU babies! 💗precious baby Hermione 💕


Maree Manis


Daniel & Brittanni Cooper

A great initiative - great job Kali and Doug. Hope your first mothers day is one to remember! Xx


Frank, Anna, Emilia And Jon


Michael Woodcroft

Well done Kali and Doug. Great initiative. Good luck with the fundraising.


Karen Brady

Well done Karli & Doug for organising such an excellent campaign to assist TRH for W in purchasing the much needed UltraBlender Enjoy your 1st Mother's Day with baby Hermione xx :)


Afrodite, Haney & Cleoniki

This is a beautiful thing you organised Kaliopi. I’m certain baby H made Mother’s Day very special for you 🤍🫶🏾


Michael Trompp


Connie Papos

Such a


Holly Doyle


Angie Grammatos


Nicola Turner


Mena K

A very worthwhile cause hope you achieve your goal x


Emmanuel And Ashley

Such a beautiful cause! Emmanuel and Ash xx


Kathy Markakis



Nicky Donley

Congratulations on the birth of Hermione what a fighter she is. Good luck with fund raising I hope you reach your goal it certainly is a worthy cause and little Hermione is proof of that xx


Kristina Dascal


John And Anne


Belinda Nikolaidis

What a beautiful idea, well done Kali & Hermione





Athanasios Kordas

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