Jayne Blackwell

24 Hour Spinathon

For my baby boy Joe and other babies like him x

Our baby boy Joe was born 9 weeks early at the Royal Hospital and was looked after so well by the doctors and nurses of the Special Care Baby Unit. Unfortunately there were complications as Joe had a serious heart condition. He passed away in our arms aged 5 weeks and 1 day.

We didn't have long enough with our little boy but we are incredibly grateful for the love and care shown to Joe by all the staff at the Royal. In his short life we were privileged to witness his strength, tenacity and bravery. We read to him, bathed him, held him and cared for him. Without the life saving equipment that we are raising money for, we would not have shared those 36 special days as a family.

For all the families and babies of the future who need specialist care, this is for you and this is Joe's gift.


Thank you to my generous donors


Jess& Steve Cook

You guys are bloody inspiring. Wish we could have met Joe, & wish you could have had many many more years with him.


Zahra Laarif


Zahra Laarif


Laura Weddell

You are amazing! Well done my darling xxx


Lisa Hampton

Wonderful work for such a great cause. Love you guys


Sarah Borwell

Thinking of you.


Ben Grant

Good Luck Jayne and Mike - will be thinking of you x


Mike Rounce

Love to you both,Mike& Jayne


Jayne Blackwell


Danielle Harvey

I’m so sorry to hear about Joe and think you are so brave and kind for doing good work in his name to help others. X


Leanne Parker

You're amazing you two!


Daniel Smith

Sending big love. Miss you guys. Xx


Mark Sutcliffe

Sending love and spin hard x


Peter Grutt


Paul H

You are doing great things!


Tracy Askew

Love to you Jayno & Mike. You guys are amazing. X


Suzanne Freeman

Jayne you and Mike are amazing, sending you all the love in the world and good luck on reaching your target❤️


Amanda Reeves


Helen Mac


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