Jane fundraising for a Mammogram Machine for The Royal

By Jane Lampe

Help me raise funds for The Royal's Breast Care Centre

In late May last year, I randomly noticed a change in how my breast looked. (It looked like I'd had a dodgy breast lift on one side!!) My GP suggested I get an ultrasound at the local radiography clinic, where the doctor there told me it was nothing to worry about, and sent me on my way. 

 My (amazing) GP wasn't happy with this response, and suggested I get a second opinion, and gave me a referral to the Breast Clinic at the Royal Hospital for Women. When I called the clinic to make an appointment, they initially told me that they had a long wait list, and it might be better to try to get in to a private clinic. After I told them my symptoms, Fiona (the triage nurse) realised that it was potentially quite serious, and was able to fit me in.

In less than a week, I'd been in to the clinic, and Breast Specialist Wendy Vincent, told me it was likely I had breast cancer. 10 days later I'd had a positive diagnosis and a mastectomy. All this happened in the time I would have still been waiting to see a breast specialist in a private clinic.

Throughout the last 11 months, I've been looked after so well by Gill Neil, through all my surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Gill has provided me with bags for my drains, special bras and arm pillows, emotional support, and answers to my silly questions like whether I can still swim at the beach, and when will my hair grow back.

I have had nights where I've laid in bed and all I can think about is how bloody lucky I was to get into the clinic. Things would have been very different if I hadn't.

Unfortunately, the clinic are so limited in how many people they can treat, and a lot of this is down to the fact that they need to share the mammogram machine they use with Breastscreen NSW.

If they had their own machine, they'd be able to see so many more patients like me. This is why I've set up this page, to try to raise money to go towards a new mammogram machine for the Breast Clinic, so that so many more people in my predicament can be treated by the amazing people in the clinic, and hopefully have the same positive experience and outcome I have had.

Your donations will go towards the puchase of a new mammogram machine for The Royal so that they are able to treat more women.