A Half Mara-quarantine-thon!

By Hol

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

Hi guys, 

I've been a prisoner in hotel quarantine for the last 14 days, and to commemorate the experience (haha) I have decided to run a half marathon and raise funds for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. My good friends have a little boy called Lucas in there at the moment, and he's such a trooper!!! The Foundation really need funds to help little legends like Lucas live a happy healthy life. Each day it costs The Foundation $6k to look after one baby and their family. 

The hotel room is 7m from wall to door, so lots of turning. It's going to be tough, but I'm doing it for Lucas, his family and all the other little babies that rely on The Foundation for support. 

If anyone wants to run with me, then great! Thanks for your help - lets do this!

Hol x

Thank you to my Supporters


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Proceeds raised from our wonderful cycling community who bought our beautiful winter jerseys!


Shane Mccauley

So inspiring Holly, you have such a great soul


Tania Payne

Lucas is a little trooper. Its thanks to people like yourself helping raise money for the care the little ones like Lucas need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart x


Olga Korobko

Thank you so much for doing this for Lucas and Riley and for all the other precious little ones. Lucas is definitely a little trooper ❤️❤️


Greg Bisset

Incredible Holly! You are amazing!


Amanda Clark

For Lucas 💙 and Riley 💙


Doug T

Fab Holly, go well! ... maybe few laps one way few laps the other so you don’t get dizzy 🥴 🤪💪🏻


Lauren Hobbs

Well done Holly. Such a lovely thing to do. All the best to you as you run! Best wishes to baby Lucas and his parents 🥰


Mumma Dare

You are such a beautiful soul 🥰



Loving your work from the 10th floor of Quarantine. You're an inspiration - and for a good cause.


Emma Ryan

Love your big heart!! Sending lots of love to Lucas and his family. Feel free to call me I’ll keep you company ❤️


Adina Levy

Go go go run in and then out of that room! You rock.


Lauren Clarke

Go hols! Not even quarantine can get in the way of a challenge for you, you nutter! Such a great cause too. All the best xx


Sarah Wingrove

Goooo girl!!! Can’t wait to see you later and give you a squeeze xxx





Emma Bathurst


Ali T

Great work darling, epic effort from your hotel room! 🙏🏼👏🏼💪🏻


Simon Legrice



Paul Sullivan



You beautiful gal! This is fantastic xx


Ultan, Patricia, Willow And Fionn

Well done Holly on your fundraising efforts



Such a legend. Can’t believe you did that in a hotel room. So impressed. Thanks for supporting Our friend and this very worthy cause.


Daniel Walley

Well done Hol an incredible achievement in a small hotel room!


Anna Wild

You are such a star Holly. You should take a moment to be proud of yourself because you should be!!


Jo Reeves

My aaaamazing niece Holly, you are just awsome and so going to nail this! Bravo!


Mags Foran

You are one amazing human Holly! Fair play!


Ianik Garcia

Keep it going! You will smash this "half-quaranthon" :)


Wilson Lira



Amazing Hols! ❤️


Jim Wild

Good luck and try not to get too dizzy!


Mandy Shedley

Holly, you are amazing. Keep going xxx 🥰


Zach Mackey

Congratulations! What an amazing effort!


Robert Sheaf

Well done! Great effort!


Laura Q

Amazing work, well done Holly x



Well done Hol! You’re amazing xx


Shelley Harlock

So inspiring, Holly!


Georgie Quigley

You are one special human x




Joseph Mcleod


Lisa Magennis


Mumma Dare

Had to get you over the line my Angel! Huge effort on your part and such a good soul 🧡



That definitely deserves support - nice one Holly - and so glad to see you supporting Royal Womens.


Claire Hird

Well done! Can’t have been an easy run!! Great cause you are raising money for.



You are a superwoman! 🌟


Eoin T

Nice one Holly! Well done 👌🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏨

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