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24 Hour Spinathon 2022

I am taking part in the 24 Hour Spinathon and fundraising for premature and critically-ill babies in The Royal Hospital for Women's Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

Each year, the NICU cares for over 1,000 premature and critically-ill babies - some born as early as 24 weeks. 

All funds raised through the 24 Hour Spinathon will help fund ground-breaking research to give these babies the best chance of survival.

Every dollar will make a meaningful difference.

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

I have started to raise much needed funds for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. You can join me and be part of this amazing journey. Every day at The Royal, a baby's life begins, a baby's life is saved, a woman's life is saved and new research creates miracles.

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A day in the life of a mum in NICU

Monday 18th Apr
22 June  - 35 + 2 gestation. 
72  days old.  
Week 10 + 4 in NICU 

So I spoke to soon yesterday…. 

Yesterday (after my post)  they were still concerned with his respiratory rate. (Over 100 Respiratory Rate consistently) thus they did a chest x-ray to check if there is an underlying issue. They are also doing a blood gas to check Co2 levels. 

A respiratory rate faster than 60 breaths per minute is called tachypnea.

The X-Ray of the lungs ? came back clear which is great but it means he still needs further help with the inflating and deflating of his lungs. To help this they are increasing the PEEP back to 6. So the opposite direction to high flow. He just requires more time and support at this stage. ??

When I came in at 430 this morning I was informed that they have increased the PEEP again to 7. So now two steps in the wrong direction.  The poor little man ? is tired. 

Yesterday They gave him a diuretic to help reduce the chance of fluid in the lungs. He’s not showing any signs of this, it’s just a preventative measure. This has not seemed to have Helped much so now they are  going to put him on a weekly course of diuretics to help with the discomfort.

They are doing their best not to give him another course of steroids but due to his chronic lung disease they might have to.

They are looking for signs of a bacterial infection or virus ? as an indicator to why his Respiratory rate is going so high but there are no symptoms of this at the moment. 

*Hang in there little man ?

Thank you to my generous donors





Such an amazing cause. Let’s save more babies like Lucas!


David Bonne


Bec, Dave, Dylan And Emma

Good luck with reaching your goal. Such a good cause and we are so happy that you guys received the such good care at your time at The Royal Hospital for Women NICU. xx




Anna Ellis

So happy to support this xx


Jasmine Harrison

Hope you smash the target Amanda & Team! A cause that is so incredibly worthy xx




Amanda Payne



Something small from Bec Izzy and myself xx


Kate O’beirne



Carmen Hokin

I don’t usually donate but with me having a premmie baby 41 years ago I know first hand how good the nurses and drs are So I’m really happy to donate




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