Babyleo Humidicrib for premature babies

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The Drager Babyleo is a technologically advanced incubator that makes surgery possible within the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  By not moving a fragile premature or critically ill baby from their incubator to operating theatres the risk of becoming unstable or developing complications is reduced.

The next best thing to the womb
Designed with the baby's development in mind, Babyleo has an extremely low operating noise and light level; reducing a baby's exposure to potentially harmful stimuli stressors. An integrated audio function also gives the opportunity to play a mother’s heartbeat or voice to soothe and stabilize the baby.

Family centered care
The design of the Babyleo allows parents to comfortably get closer to their baby, and make families feel a part of their baby’s care and it also enables a mother brought into the unit in a bed (e.g post caesarean) to be able to be right alongside her newborn baby.

Innovating patient care at The Royal
The NICU at The Royal was the first neonatal unit in Australia to receive this state-of-the-art equipment.  There are currently seven Babyleo incubators in the NICU with the objective of updating to more of these humidicribs throughout the 16-bed intensive care ‘Level 3’ area of the NICU.

Unit Price: $75000 

Quantity Needed: 1

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