The Bell Project

Meg, 52, has always been a positive thinker but the last two years have truly tested her mettle.  In February last year, she separated from her husband of 18 years and moved into her own apartment in Randwick with her teenage son. Three months later she was involved in an accident while riding her pushbike. There was worse to come. In April this year, she lost her beloved older brother to cancer, leaving behind his wife, children, and three grandchildren. Exactly one month later, Meg was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The Royal's Dr Rhonda Farrell operated on her, removing two large tumours, and she is just about to finish months of chemotherapy. 

Meg was prompted to raise money for the newly installed bell when she noticed fellow patients graduating from the oncology ward with just a simple photograph and a cupcake from the nurses. 

"The end of treatment is a moment of joy to patients," Meg said. " Yes there may still be other rivers to cross, but mostly it's time to really ring in the good news. I just want to give the patients something positive to work towards."

Meg and her business partner Dee have started The Bell Project to raise enough funds for a bell to be placed in the Royal's Gynaecology Oncology ward and would like to raise funds for the below wishlist items. Your donation to the Bell Project will impact the lives of over 350 women who are cared for in the unit each year. 


  • Ice machine for department
  • New chemotherapy / vaccination fridge
  • Two new chemotherapy trolleys with computers


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