Meg, 52, has always been a positive thinker but the last two years have truly tested her mettle.  In February last year, she separated from her husband of 18 years and moved into her own apartment in Randwick with her teenage son. Three months later she was involved in an accident while riding her pushbike. There was worse to come. In April this year, she lost her beloved older brother to cancer, leaving behind his wife, children, and three grandchildren. Exactly one month later, Meg was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The Royal's Dr Rhonda Farrell operated on her, removing two large tumours, and she is just about to finish months of chemotherapy. 

Meg was prompted to raise money for the newly installed bell when she noticed fellow patients graduating from the oncology ward with just a simple photograph and a cupcake from the nurses. 

"The end of treatment is a moment of joy to patients," Meg said. " Yes there may still be other rivers to cross, but mostly it's time to really ring in the good news. I just want to give the patients something positive to work towards."

Meg and her business partner Dee have started The Bell Project to raise enough funds for a bell to be placed in the Royal's Gynaecology Oncology ward and would like to raise funds for the below wishlist items. Your donation to the Bell Project will impact the lives of over 350 women who are cared for in the unit each year. 


  • Ice machine for department
  • New chemotherapy / vaccination fridge
  • Two new chemotherapy trolleys with computers


A big thank you to our Donors

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


Cathy Cavedon

A great cause from a courageous woman


Sarah Vale


Renee Ingram

A fantastic cause started by two wonderful strong women. Lots of love Renee & Jamie


Paul Wilson

Always positive encouraging inspirational, Well done Aunty M ?


Julie Dave Andcshea Biddle — Brennan

To my beautiful friend Meg, You are an inspirational woman, and my love for you will never be tangible. Love from everyone in London aka the Biddle B’s xxxxx We are always thinking of you


Celia Tulevski

Amazing work Megs.. Thinking of you. Cels


Bronwen , Simon, Annabelle Graham

Love you aunty, and great aunty from Annabelle xxx


Veronica Zanatta

Your positivity is an inspiration to many. This is such a wonderful thing to do, well done. Sending all our love from our family. xxxx


Margaret Graham


Geoffrey Graham

Great inspiration by my erstwhile sister-in-law. Keep getting better! Love. Geoff.


Rosalind And Anthony Mcnamara

Congratulations Megs and Dee for getting this up so quickly! Congratulations Megs on last round tomorrow! X


Fiona Snowdon

For all you brave and beautiful Queens, may your bell ringing be loud!


Evan Griffin

Celebrating your 5th and final round of treatment. Ring that bell so Dad can hear it Auntie M!!


Aileen Rice


Robert Wilson

Margaret is Pat and mine sister and sister-in-law as well as our Goddaughter. She is a positive young lady full of fun and life. We are sad that she has had this setback but confident that she has a long and happy future in front of her. Prayers and Blessings.


Cathy Humphreys

Always thinking of others.


Debrah Matthews


Frank And Pat Griffin

We are so proud of you as you fight this insidious disease. Whenever that bell rings you know you have given help and support to many people. I just wish brother John could be here to hear it ring.


Marie And Richard Watt

Great work Meg raising funds. Tell her she is looking good, her positivity shines through xxx


Olivia Andrews

Great work ladies! So happy for last round for you Megs! Xxx


Kristeen Mccarthy




Amanda Ford

Love you Aunty Margaret ? Love Mandy, Dave, Tristan and Jasmine xxx


Joy Wyton

With love❤️


Brett Griffin

You dead set rock aunty maggot!! Ring that fucker hard today!! Lots of love. Brett, Lina, Stina and Oskar xoxo


Den Tish



Karena Noble

Mags you are and have always been a super-star woman - what an awesome idea from you both.. Much love and looking forward to that drink xxx


Matt Clarke

Let it ring! Best from your bike buddy Matt


Isabella Wakes-miller


Sue Hinds

Meg and Dee you are amazing. Good luck with the wishlist.


Land Of Plenty Food Co

Your other family is right behind you Meg


Peter Coombe


Ben Metcalfe

Great initiative Megs and so glad you have finished your Chemo journey. Wishing you all the best. Ben and Kerry Metcalfe.


Maureen Carter

Well done Meg. Your positive attitude and big smiles are an inspiration to many. Much love from Maureen and David


Mark & Leisa Griffin

Keep up the fight gorgeous Meg for all families affected. You have always been inspirational and continue to be, we love you Leisa, Mark, AJ and Daina


Monica Haberecht

This is an amazing thing. Sending you much love Monica & Steve xxx


Kerryn Green

Love you xx


Nicole Freeman

F&*K cancer


Maggi Jedlicka

Great work Meg & Dee! So happy for you to have finished your treatment with your big smile. Let’s get you back on the bike xxx


Debbie Henderson

What a beautiful soul I’m blessed to have you in my life ?


Linda And Mark

well done Meg - a tremendous journey of courage ,still miss you as our neighbour !! much love


Mike Griffin


Wendy Marfleet


Fiona Russell

You guys are amazing. Good job!!!



Great idea....


Denelle Middleton


Wendy Gregory


Fraser Leggat

Ding dong!


Letitia Black

Time spent in the Chemo Room was made so much more pleasant by the wonderful, caring people who work there. I was lucky enough to meet Meg too. What an inspiration!


Camilla Thompson


Robyn Tupman

Just to prove I can do more than just drink bubbles!


Iain Keogh


Niki & Dan

Dan & I want to support your amazing cause, you are awesome & we love you! Niki, Dan & Ace


Vicki And Malcolm Griffin



Donna White

Meg, you continue to be inspirational .


Cathy Johnson

Love you xx Cath & Dave


Meg Bracken

Lots of love The Griffins


Jodie Peters

Your positive energy is a force to be reckoned with Maggs - good for you! So happy to be able to help - sent with lots of love and hugs


Ali Walsh

So proud of our Megs and what an inspiring and typically positive initiative. Xx




Eva Rosenberg

A beautiful woman inside and out. Love you to the moon and back!


Anthony M Gervais

I rang the bell after completing 7 weeks (35 treatments) of radiation. It isn't a picnic and it sure seems to take forever but you are so glad when it's done.


Sara Flaksbard

You are incredible!



National Parks and Wildlife Service staff wish everyone good health and hope


Paul Sergeant


Nurcan Atalay