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Our goal


Donations made to The Royal Giving Day will transform the healthcare of women, babies, and families at The Royal Hospital for Women.

As the only dedicated women’s hospital in NSW, The Royal plays a unique and critical role in the healthcare of women and newborns of today, and future generations.

Your donation on or before the 23rd of November will give hope to every woman, and baby that The Royal provides care to for years to come. 

Your donation will help deliver hope to babies like Bowie

Bowie was born at just 23 weeks weighing a tiny 484 grams. For over 100 days, the dedicated team in The Royal Hospital for Women's Newborn Intensive Care Unit provided around-the-clock care and treatment.

Bowie's heart was kept beating using advanced medical equipment funded through donations. 

The Royal Hospital for Women provides hope to parents like Kristy and Nicole and babies like Bowie every day. 

Every day at The Royal we are delivering for women. We’re delivering outstanding care and better treatments. 
We’re delivering our future.

Together, we're Delivering Hope

To every couple struggling with fertility

To every baby in the NICU

To every woman

Thank You to our Media Partners

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