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Meet Bonnie who is enjoying her 1st walk with her son after 96 days in NICU

On 10th October 2021 me and Amy Denny completed our lockdown marathon challenge and raised over $5,000 for the RMFM in memory of Grace Sinnott.  

On the 29th May I will be attempting the Everest Marathon after a 10 day hike to base camp. The further fund raising is to celebrate the birth and health of Alexander or ATG (Alexander The Great) as I like to call him.  

Alexander’s mum, Bonnie was just 23 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to hospital with some unexpected pregnancy complications, she held on for 2 weeks and her son Alexander was eventually born on the 14th December 2022 after cooking for just 25 weeks and 2 days. He spent 96 days finishing growing and developing in the NICU and special care nursery at the Royal Hospital for Women before being discharged under their hospital in the home program.

Alexander has been home for 5 weeks now and is thriving. He weighs 4kg, huge growth from his birth weight of just 856g, is feeding well and definitely keeping mum and dad on their toes. Alexander’s amazing achievement has only been possible due to the incredible care, knowledge and passion from the entire team at The Royal. 

This is something to celebrate and I want to raise as much money as possible to assist the Royal with the fantastic work that they do and to thank them for the support they have given to two of my closest friends Aine and Bonnie.   

The MFM unit provides a complete multidisciplinary service to women with complex pregnancies, providing continuity of care from diagnosis, through pregnancy, birth and the early newborn time.  

100% of your donation will go towards the Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit as this portal does not deduct any admin fees. 

A tax receipt is available and your donation will be tax deductible

My Updates

Half Marathon

Thursday 15th Jul
Sunday the 11th July I completed a half marathon as part of my training.   All going well so far.


Saturday 28th Aug
Slight Pivot-  we plan to run Melbs on 10th October as Sydney marathon has been postponed. 

We shall continue training. 

Route planning

Sunday 12th Sep

10th October

Thursday 16th Sep
We can’t make it to Melbs but me and Amy will be running a marathon in our LGA. 

We will be staying safe and are double Vax to run together.   

2 weeks to go

Sunday 26th Sep
Today I ran the last 12 K of the race as a mental prep for the big day.  Getting very excited. 

Marathon Route May 2023

Friday 28th Apr

Everest May 2023- Nepal

Friday 28th Apr
Time for a new challenge....

With New Mount Everest Height 8848.86m, from the Government of Nepal, our 2023 Marathon will run as "New Higher Mount Everest Marathon" to celebrate the new increase of Mount Everest Height after the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.     Our Everest Marathon is an international high altitude adventure sports event held on May 29 every year from Mt. Everest Base Camp crisscrossing the high Sherpa trails of Khumbu valley. This event celebrates the historical successful ascent of Mt. Everest by Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on 29th May 1953.   

Viewing Point - Nepal

Tuesday 20th Jun

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tom & Aine Sinnott

Best of luck Tammy on Sunday! You re a trooper. We will be out in force to cheer you on. Aine and I greatly appreciate you picking the MFM unit as your charity of choice. Little Grace will be looking down on you! Love Aine, T and Jimmy


Bkh Contractors


Daniel Poulos



Such an amazing girl supporting an equally great cause. Go Tammy!!


Alice Huston

Run tambo run!



You are incredible as is baby Alexander and mama Bonnie!


Tiffany Doukakis


Amy Denny

You have worked miracles, getting me from 0k to 42k. THANK YOU. Can’t wait for race day with you - thrilled to be popping my marathon cherry xx


Alex Foster

Go Tammy go!


Geoff Huston

Great move - have a good run!


Emma Barker

Tammy you are one amazing gal xxx


Susan Myer

Good luck Tambo!


Josie Grech

Well done to you Tammy. Amazing achievement.


Alex D

You've got this Tammy!! Absolute legend 🔥🔥🔥



Stay up right and breath! x



Your amazing Tambo and you are going to crush this!


Michelle Russo

Goodluck! Be safe.


Elizabeth Gregson

Amazing effort, Tammy. My little nephews were well looked after in NICU at The Royal- they will turn 10 this year. Great cause, great team, brilliant human. Good luck xx


Bonnie Barker

You superstar 🩷


Andreas Battocchio


Gaye Hind

Good luck, Tammy. Such a great cause to be supporting.


Paula Christie


Kelly Tagalan

Go Tambo Go! Xx Nick, Kelly and Eddie 🐾🐾


Patricia Lukins

Well done Tammy for a great cause.


Clayt Rowston

Well done Tammy, you’re an inspiration!


Laura Sykes

You absolute inspiration <3


Annie Mac

Great cause x


Tracy Murphy

Tambo you are one amazing woman and I am so glad our paths crossed all those years ago. Will be with you, in spirit(!), every step of the way. Love you x


Kelly And Ivy


Brendan, Suzi And Kilian

Good Luck Tammy. Lots of love from Brendan. Suzi and Kilian x



Awesome work Tammy!! All the best xx


Michelle Blewett

What an incredible challenge to take part in - Everest Marathon what?!?! Nepal is a stunning country & this is a fab cause to support too. Enjoy being literally on top of the world 🏔️ 💪🏼 Mish x


Kristen Wren


Soph W

You’re amazing!


Hansfree Fam

Go Tammy Go xx


Alex Domanski

You got this!!


Katy Wall

Amazing race director. Supporting you all the way.



Congrats Tammy! You have taken on a huge amount this year and are absolutely crushing it! Keep it going!


Debbie Krymholc

Good work Tammy. You are so amazing and so determined:) Such a good cause!!


Susie Mcshane

Go Tammy go! So proud of you turning lemons into lemonade and helping others along the way as per! Lots of Love Susie, Matt, wee Poppy and Minnie


Inga Blamire

Sending you power and love ❤️



Concentrate on your studies for once


Zela & Jude

Congrats on an amazing effort! So proud of you!


Geraldine Anderson

Amazing job today Tambo, you smashed it!


Brian Curtis

All the best being thriving this challenge. What a great effort and cats.


Rupert Myer

Great initiative - all the best!


Aileen F

Good on you Tammy. You always amaze me with your kindness and generosity. Love your work! Good luck with it all! Lovelots - Aileen



Unstoppable, that's what you are my dear! x


Maja Jovanovic

all the best! such a great leader includer and maximizer


Susie. Mattand Poppy Xox

Go Tambo Go! This is extreme even for you hunny but I know you are going to smash it!



Go Tambo!!! You are an absolute KWEEN!



All the very best Tammy. Cheering you all the way hear in Dennistoun 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️ x



Tambo you amazing, inspirational nutbag! Good luck I effing love you. And dont forget: SHUT UP LEGS!



Good luck Tambo!


Jean Prisk

Well done Tammy x 😎


Ally Porter

Your dedication through the last three months is amazing. And you’ve chosen a great organization to support.


Michael Brivulis

Well done on the run. A fantastic achievement.



Well done Tammy! Amazing work darling xx


Bec Lumbroso

You go girl! 💪


Sophie Gannon

You will smash it! Good luck 🤞

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