Judah’s Gift Back

By Rebecca Muser

Help us save more babies like Judah

Judah’s life was saved and ours changed forever at The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. Every single day he was cared for beyond our expectations and the nurses made sure we felt at home by his bedside. We have been so blessed with outpourings of support throughout our journey. With Judah’s first birthday just around the corner we dream of gifting the hospital with enough money for one of the beds that housed him and saved his life. 

Every day at The Royal, a baby's life begins, a baby's life is saved, a woman's life is saved and new research creates miracles. Whilst we do not want you to feel obligated to gift Judah for his birthday we ask that if you want to bless him you do it with a donation towards the hospital that saved his life.

My Updates

Gold Star for Judah

Wednesday 17th May
We’ve ordered a gold star with “Judah Lachlan Pierre Muser” engraved to be placed on the walls of The Royal Hospital for Women. Judah will joined the hundreds of babies on the walls of this amazing facility. A small seperate donation of $100 was made to purchase the star the first of a few wonderful ways we are saying thank you on Judah’s first birthday. 

A gift for NICU families

Monday 5th Jun
Early in our stay at the Royal we received a book and a note from a family celebrating their twins 8th birthday. It gave us so much hope knowing another baby had made it so far. So on the day of Judah’s 1st birthday we are paying it forward. In addition to the funds raised by this amazing community, I purchased a book for every bed in the Royal NICU. This means every family in the hospital on June 29th will receive a book to read their baby and a note we hope will comfort them.

Reading to Judah was one of the only ways we could connect to him daily. It meant even on the days we weren’t able to hold him we could comfort him with our voices. On the night you were born was the very first book Josh read to Judah. A special memory close to our hearts.

Thank you to my Sponsors



For my nephew, my best friends. My family


Jared Hendy

Lots of love to the musers Love the Hendys xoxoxox


Nicole Eewls




Susan Gow

Happy 1st Birthday Judah 😘


Rachel Bastable

For my beautiful nephew ❤️


Tania Janse Van Rensburg


Alison Jamieson


Em, Jude And Alexander

Stoked we get the privilege to watch Judah grow up x


Ross & Rosealeen Jardine


Alison And Pierre

Dearest precious Judah We love you so much and we are so grateful for the wonderful staff at the Royal Hospital for women


Thomas Black





Lots of love from the Hyslop’s to the Muser’s xoxo




Jelena Gomes

Fantastic idea to celebrate your little ones (First birthday) milestone! Hope you reach your goal 🧡



Happy Birthday little man! Love Bowie


Chris And Stella


Stevie, Kayla & Caleb

For the love of Judah and his village of Angels (nurses)



Happy Birthday Judah, may you gift help save many more wonders of the world 💓


Hughes Family

Love to all the little ones from the Hughes family.


Big Josh


Daniel Batancs

Happy birthday to baby Judah!


Ange & Matt Tokley

Much love from the Tokley family. xx


Alfredo Paloyo


Emma Donald


Jenny Peters

Great to give a gift back!


Darran Gardiner


Kaitlin Anglim

Happy Birthday Judah, you are so loved! What an amazing cause ♥️


Nicki Barlow



Coralie & Mitch

Happy birthday Judah, your parents have the biggest hearts <3


Emina Mayer


Harry (big Bro) Muser


Bree Lauren Westblade


Eliza, Zak & Banjah




William (big Bro) Muser



Aunty Char loves baby Moose, as well as the rest of the Moose’s 💗🤗

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