Anthology of my poems

By Oscar Peer

Anthology of My Poems 

A book by Oscar Peer, one of our Royal Hospital for Women Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduates. 

On 14th January 2006 at 4.29pm, Oscar Benjamin Peer was born. It was a most unassuming birth. He weighed only 850g, and was not much larger than a fist with extended thumb. 

Oscar was in the NICU at The Royal for one hundred days during which time he was cared for by the team of doctors, neonatologists, nurses and specialist staff every minute of every day. 

Now at 14 years of age, Oscar and his family want to give back to the staff who helped Oscar so much. 

Oscar's book, My Anthology of Poems is fundraising for The Royal's NICU to give tiny babies like Oscar the best chance of survival. 

All donations on this page are tax-deductible and go directly to the NICU. Profits made from the sale of books after cost of printing and publisher's royalty will also be directed to the NICU. 

Make a donation using the donation form on this page or purchase your copy of Anthology of My Poems via the links below:

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Peer Family (melboure Chapter)

What a warm, generous and heartfelt initiative, Oscar. You’re a true mensch. Well done!


Hector Menendez

Dear Oscar, What an amazing achievement in writing this book of Poems. Angie and I are truly amazed. All the very best with your writing career. We look forward to hearing about all your success in the future. Best wishes Hector and Angie


Marc & Chris Hermer - Nyc Family

We are so excited to be able to say someone in our family has written such a fantastic book! We are so proud and wish the best to Oscar and The Royal Hospital for Women!


Captain Carew

That's one more book than me! Congratulations, and good for you.


Mark & Liza Kozhanow

Keep up the miracles. We are so proud of our grandson


Carol Hermer

Oscar dear, We are so proud of you. With much love, your aunt Cal and uncle Nevil


Bernard And Kay Abelson

Awesome effort! Congratulations! Thanks for the opportunity to support!


Zoe Brest

Congratulations ! Can't wait to read your book this is an amazing project


Evan & Jodi

We acknowledge your thoughtfulness and determination to support the hospital, Oscar.


Lance Terry

Congratulations Oscar. You should be rightfully very pleased with your achievement. Well done.


Dave Pitcairn

Congratulations Oscar, we are very proud to have a published author as a student at our school. The fact that the funds are going to such a worthy cause makes it all the more incredible. Well done. I can't wait to get a copy of your anthology.


Lynda Brest

What a wonderful achievement Oscar. Making this donation today in honour of Zoe Brest on her birthday.


Galia Durbach

Congrats Oscar - I hope this is the first of many books to come - I look very forward to receiving our book we have ordered. Mazeltov and great initiative to support NICU


Robyn Sacks

A huge congrats on this wonderful initiative Oscar!


Anne-marie Kitching

Congratulations Oscar! Hope I can get an autographed copy!


Robert Zapata

I've had the privilege of reading your poems before everyone else and I can say that you are very talented. I wish you the best and may life reward you for this good deed you are doing.


Diane Rock

Amazing achievement. Mazel Tov.


Patrick Auerbach

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