Matteo's 1st birthday

By Matteo Di Donato

I'm fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

To celebrate Matteo's 1st birthday, we would like to ask you to please kindly donate to The Royal Hospital For Women Foundation in lieu of gifts.

-- A little about Matteo's journey in the NICU --

When Matteo was born, he was very small and fragile. He was quickly whisked away to Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before mum and dad could hold him so that he had help breathing, and to help regulate his body temperature. He was put in a humdicrib and connected to life support to monitor his vitals.

With the help of the wonderful doctors, nurses, specialists and support staff, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, he got stronger and bigger. On the 6th day, we finally got to hold our baby for the first time. Day by day he got stronger and on the 20th day Matteo had his first bath. By day 84, Matteo was off breathing support! Day 90 he graduated NICU and we were finally able to bring our baby boy home.

There were (and still are) a lot of other parents who are going through the same and without The Royal Hospital For Women Foundation, our little warriors wouldn't stand a chance. Please join us in giving back to those that saved our boy. Every day at The Royal, a baby's life begins, a baby's life is saved, a woman's life is saved and new research creates miracles.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Orlando Di Donato


Christian Di Donato

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Lots of love From Christian and Family


Jonathan, Simmy & Ashton

Happy birthday matteo! So good to finally meet you!


Peter And Isabel Howie

Happy birthday Matteo!!!


Amrish, Kine And Loki

Happy Birthday, Matteo!


Zach And Cam Brown

Happy Birthday Matteo!


Ali Got H

Happy first birthday Matteo you little legend. Love Ali Jeremy Oscar and Camilla


Nic Smith

Much love Matteo - happy birthday!


Linda And Luke

Happy Birthday Matteo!!! Love you lots little man, xx Linda and Luke (more Linda than Luke)


Peggy & Mike

Happy Birthday Matteo!


Marco Scarpa



Dearest little Matteo, I am so proud of how far you've come and I can't wait to watch you grow up and become as incredible as your Mama & Papa <3 Happiest of Birthdays beautiful boy!! Lot's of love. xxoo


Vicky And Chris

Happy 1st Birthday Matteo!


Marcella Carvalho

Happy 1st Birthday Matteo!!!


Rhonda, Richard And Zia Anna

Happy 1st birthday precious and brave Matteo xx


Spencer Mitchell

Happy 1st birthday to my buddy Matteo! Thank you for being a great friend :)



Little Mr Matteo, Happy 1st Birthday! You are officially the strongest little man I know xx Always choose the path of mischief and keep them parents of yours on their toes! Sending you lots of love on your very special day, hugs and kisses Frannie xxx


Deb Hatter

Matteo, what an amazing young man you are. Have a wonderful day Lots of Love Deb xx


Liam Polizois

Happy Birthday Matteo, thank you for setting such an amazing example for me in NICU encouraging me to grow strong, healthy and go home. Can't wait for our next play date. Love Liam Polizois


Mallory And Andrew

Wishing you a happy 1st birthday darling boy xoxo



Happy 1st Birthday Matteo


Allycia & Steve

Happy birthday Matteo!

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