Thank you to Maternal Fetal Medicine at RHW

By Lauren Frawley

Help us support the Maternal Fetal Medicine department to help other families

The care we received by the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department (MFM) at The Royal Hospital for Women was amazing.  The final few days of Benjamin's life was an emotional whirlwind for us and without the care of the team at MFM, we would never had gotten through it. 

Our OB, Wendy along with Kate, Catherine, Willam, Prof Welsh, Jo, the Psychiatry, Social Work, Genetics and Delivery Suite Team provided us with so much medical, emotional and physical support through the whole process. They helped us through an unbelievably devastating time and managed to help us create wonderful lasting memories with our Benjamin, after he was born sleeping. 

It is a time of our lives that we will never forget, an extremely sad and emotional time but also a special time where we were able to meet and spend time with our little angel. Our amazing Special Care Midwife Kate provided us with the most wonderful keepsafe box of memories we have with Benjamin, of photos, hand & foot prints and other special memetos and memories. 

We never want another family to have to go through what we went through in having to say goodbye to our baby boy Benjamin. But we know in reality, that the MFM helps over 400 families a year  through these devastating times. 

In memory of Benjamin, we would like to raise some funds to assist Maternal Fetal Medicine in helping other families at the hardest times of their lives. Therefore if our friends and family are able to donate a few dollars to this amazing cause, we would be forever grateful. 

Our baby boy Benjamin, was perfect to us in every single way, we are so proud of him and love him so much. He will forever be our beautiful son and will be with us every day  for the rest of our lives. Matthew will always know about and love his little brother Benjamin. 

Thank you Family and Friends 

Lots of love

Daniel, Lauren, Matthew & Benjamin Frawley xxxx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum And Dad

To our courageous and loving Lauren and Daniel. We are in awe of your strength throughout your devastation xx


Robin, Brian And Family

Lauren and Daniel -- Mere words at this time cannot lessen your sorrow. Yet know, that you and your cherished son Benjamin will always remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Mummy, Daddy & Your Big Brother

In honour of you, our beautiful Angel. We love you and miss you so very much & we hope you are sleeping well on the stars. All our love


Carolyn And Matthew Lange


Dani Treweek


Moira And Allan Love

Our thoughts and all our love are with you.


Kaye, Georgie And Patrick

Sending all our love, we are here for you always xxx


Sue Ray

Our thoughts are with you all at this tragic time Love, Sue &Allan


Lise & Sean Frawley

Shine bright little man. XX


Cassie Hobbs


Alan & Kim Benson


Shaney & Chris

With lots of love to your family from ours Xx


Jeanelle Karagiannis

Thinking of you all during this time. All of our love is being sent your way xx


Eleanor, Ryan And Oliver Docherty

To the beautiful Frawleys, your little boy will be with you always. Sending all of our love


Gus Taylor

Please know that Family Frawley are in our hearts in this time. Thoughts & prayers. Gus Taylor and family.


Jen Shelley

May your beautiful baby boy Rest In Peace. Thinking of you and your family xxxx


Cath & Ben Rowe

All our Love, The Rowes.


Erin Riley


Michelle & Michael Benson

Sending you all our love


Lula And Allan Redpath


Diane Collis

My thoughts and prayers are with you Lauren, Daniel , Matthew and Benjamin


Edith Pick


John & Denise Velthuys

Dear Danny,Lauren & Matthew So sad to hear about little Benjamin Sending our love and prayers John & Denise Velthuys xx


Maki Dackiw

Sending you all our love 💙💙💙 the Dax's💙💙💙


Gerard & Jeanie Gleeson

Just know that we are thinking of you all !


Stephen Slunsky

Lots of Love to you both Lauren and Daniel for Benjamin David Frawley and hope you both know that lots people do care for you both!!


Vanessa Fleming

Much love to you Lauren, Daniel and Matthew.


Stephanie Menear


Just Cuts Randwick- Bianca

My heart breaks for you and your family at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you💕 May baby Benjamin Rest In Peace xxxx


Paul And Chanel Gellin


Bec, Morgan, Jayda And Mackenzie Xxxx


Michelle & Chris Hay

Dear Danny, Lauren & Matthew, Sending our love and support to you all at this very sad time. Love Chris Michelle & Family


Dawn And David Bisson

We are very saddened to hear of your loss. We are thinking of you and your family.


Joe & Elena Wood

Hi Lauren, We are devastated to hear of yours, Danny's and Matthew's loss. We also remember sharing a very nice time with you and Danny at Johnny's wedding (same table). Love and thoughts to all of you Joe and Elena


Tamira Owen

Sending you all so much love - we are so sorry for your loss - lots of love from The Owens


June Macdonald

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Monica Treweek

In memory of our beautiful little Benji All my love. Granny


Susan Cunningham

So very sorry Lauren. My heart breaks for you all.


Jo & Michael Bloom

All our love to you at this time. You are surrounded by love and warmth from all you know and love you. Xxx


John & Blanca Velthuys

Sending you lots of love and we are always thinking of you


Kylie & Andrew Meier

We are thinking of you both at this devastating time. Our thoughts are both with you sending you lots of love. Love Andrew, Kylie & Emily Meier xxx


Tabitha Gosson


Jethro Gosson


Vanessa Da Silva

Sending you and your family love and strength at this difficult time.


Kelly James

Thinking of your all especially beautiful little Benjamin xx

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