Jeremy's 40th Birthday Fundraiser

By Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy's 40th Birthday Fundraiser

Dear family & friends,

I am raising funds for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation for my 40th birthday. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting an incredible girl named Lulu who has been battling neuroblastoma since she was just 8 months old. Lulu has become an important part of my life and she has inspired me more than words can describe. Her story of courage, strength and positivity in the face of adversity has motivated me to do my part and support critical research and treatment to help other families like Lulu's. I want to honour Lulu and all the other mothers and babies who are facing challenging health issues by supporting The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. Your donation supports their mission to transform the lifelong health of women and newborns—by funding specialised medical equipment, innovative research, people and programs for The Royal. The Royal has a long and proud heritage in Australia as a pioneer in women’s and newborn health and leads the way with research and clinical practices that have been replicated around the world. The Royal depends on charitable support to make this possible. With your help, we can really make a difference for mothers and babies who need it the most.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for any contributions, big or small. 


My Updates

Lulu: My Hero

Tuesday 7th Mar
Lulu's story is one of courage, strength, resiliency, hope and love. It also highlights the critical and important research, equipment and treatment that needs to be funded. Lulu was just 8 months old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. Lulu is now 13 years old and has undergone 12 rounds of chemotherapy, 5 surgeries, a bone marrow transplant, 14 rounds of radiotherapy and immunotherapy and is still not cancer free. None of this has stopped Lulu from being the beautiful, fun, cheeky, positive role model that she has become. Lulu recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of snowboarding in Japan, and we have promised each other that we will go snowboarding together in Australia this year. I really could go on and on about Lulu, but I'll end by saying that she's my absolute hero.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Thomas Russell

Good on you Jeremy, you're an absolute legend for using the once-in-a-life time opportunity afforded to you by this milestone birthday to do such a great thing. Massive respect.


Eric Mcdonald

I was born in the RWH Hospital when it was in Paddington. It is said that everyone born in the RWH Paddington is considered the true Sydneyites. Does the tradition maintained!



Amazing to think of others on your milestone day


Bec Adam And Kids

Happy 40th bro! Your a true legend 💙


Moz And Mary

Happy bday and all the best to the amazing lulu!


Russell Kavnat


Greg And Nichole Holmes


Jonathan Luboff


Gerard Solden

Happy Birthday, happy to donate to a worthwhile cause here.


Graham And Michelle

Happy Birthday Harry. A great cause and a great idea.


Sjja Zetland


The Reds

Happy Birthday and Be Champion! Keep doing great work Love the Reds


Daniel Levy


Shane Roy


Jeremy Saunders


Damian Keight

What a beautiful thing to do mate!! You will help impact


Adam & Romy Dinte

Well done Danal you’ve always had a kind ♥️ We can’t wait to celebrate with you!!



Great cause, you’re a great guy. Love u bro


Jeremy Leigh




Warren Brandt

Well done mate!




Michael Mournehis

Happy birthday Jeremy what a great initiative.



Happy 40th Birthday, Jeremy 🎂💕




Bradley Gnesin

Go Lulu Go! Awesome work Danel. HBD bro


Doron And Lia

Happy bday legend. Great work.




Sally Sheridan

Happy birthday beautiful boy. Love you. Thankyou for being so kind and considerate..


Josi Demetriou

Lulu and I think you are super special: cannot wait to celebrate with you! Lots of love, Josi and Lulu x


Julie Barel

Happy 40th Jeremy! All the very best wishes Julie and Danny


Adam Symon

What a great cause buddy


Daniel And Mish

Great cause, Jeremy. Hope this can help Lulu and many others.


Julian & Julia








Well done on a worthy cause Harry. One step closer.


Paul & Dana

Great cause Dane, happy bday!


Greg Lunz


Natalie & Michael Joseph

Happy birthday Jeremy



Happy birthday


Rad, Lys And Kids

Happy 40th Jem Jem! X


Ricky And Jemma Lopis


Gittel & Adrian

Congrats Jeremy on reaching 40. Such a great way to mark this special milestone. Keep being a great human and enjoying life to the fullest


Yula G

Well done Jeremy! Happy Birthday!


Emmanuel Rosenberg

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