Hannah's 350km Year - For the Royal Hospital for Women Breast Centre

By Hannah S

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My target 350 kms

I'm fundraising for the The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation - Breast Centre

Every week, around 350 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer. During the week of Christmas 2017, when I was 29 years old: I became one of them. 

Between now and the end of 2019, to raise funds for the Royal Hospital for Women's Breast Centre, I will be walking 350km: one kilometre for each of the women diagnosed with breast cancer each week in Australia. If you need more convincing, here's a little bit of info on the "how" and the "why"...


Simple. I'm going to walk my butt off. Some of the tracks I'll be taking on are:

- The Six Foot Track (Blue Mountains, NSW - 45km)

- The Coast Walk (Bundeena, NSW - 26km)

- The Spit Bridge to Manly Walk (Spit Bridge, NSW - 10km)

- Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Walk (Tahmoor, NSW - 10km)

- Sphinx Memorial Loop (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, NSW - 10km)

- Karloo Walking Track (Royal National Park, NSW - 10km)

- Mt Ku-ring-gai to Berowra (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, NSW - 9km)

- Minyon Falls Walking Track (Byron Bay, NSW - 7.5km)

- The Coastal Walk (Bondi, NSW - 6km)

... Plus heaps of other walks both here and in the UK, when we manage to take a trip home to visit my friends and family.

So with the company of Alex (my awesome fiancé), friends and family - this is my mission: a 350km year.


I was lucky enough to be referred to the Prince of Wales and Royal Hospital for Women; it’s no exaggeration to say that I owe my life to the doctors, nurses and staff who work there. And it’s also not a stretch to say that I don’t think I could’ve made it (mentally, at least) without the help of Gill, the Breast Care Nurse at the RHW Breast Centre. Gill is a force of nature and a truly caring, knowledgeable and downright hilarious individual; one who is by your side before you even know you need her. I won't ever be able to thank her, and the people who treated and cared for me, enough. 

Instead, I'm going to raise some money for the RHW Foundation to support Gill and her colleagues at the Breast Centre. The Centre cares for more than 2,500 women, just like me, every year. Thats nearly 50 every week. Money raised can fund upgrades to equipment such as ultrasound and mammogram machines, which will help thousands of women to detect cancer earlier, improving their chances of survival. It will pay for more nurses like Gill, who support patients and their families and who are instrumental in getting patients through the fight of their life.

If you're reading this and you are able to donate - please do! I will be applying for funding matching from my employer, so whatever you donate will be doubled... but whatever you can spare is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

H x

P.S. For more information on how Gill got me through this year, head here (but please donate through my fundraising page to ensure I get your donation doubled!): 


My Updates

January to June: 175km of NSW finest walks...

Saturday 8th Dec

Edited below for a slight change of plans to our walks!


I can't believe it’s only been a week since I shared my page and already we're up to more than 10% of my target! Thanks to everyone who has donated or sent messages of support.

With so many people keen to join in on the adventures, I thought I'd share a bit of a schedule for the walks I have planned. Where there are walks a bit further afield, if you're keen but don't have a car, hit me up: we’ve got cars/ spaces available. If anyone has any suggestions for walks in and around NSW, please let me know!


JANUARY 2019 - 33km


2nd - 10 January - English countryside!


Sunday 13 January - Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Distance: 6km, 3 hours (easy-moderate)

Busting out a crowd pleaser early on, I’ll almost definitely be walking this one several times to get my kilometres up. But there’s a reason for that: it’s an EPIC walk. Taking in heaps of scenic vistas, coves and beaches, the Coastal Walk never disappoints. And even better: multiple swimming and libation points. Remember you must fit into one of two categories walking this track: Eastern suburbs try-hard or tourist-who-walks-really-slow-and-gets-in-the-way. Both welcome.

Meeting point: Bondi Pavillion (Finishing point Coogee Bay Hotel…)


Sunday 20 January - Spit Bridge to Manly

Distance: 10km, 4 hours (moderate)

This is one of the most scenic, and for Alex and I, memorable walks in Sydney. It was on this weekend in 2018 and along this track that Al got down on one knee and proposed. This one will most certainly be followed by a cheeky celebration to mark the occasion. And I’m not going to lie - it’s probably going to be a tear-jerker (for me anyway).

Meeting point: The northern end of the historic Spit Bridge


Sunday 27 January - monthly walking club: laps of Centennial Park

Distance: 3.6km per lap, 1.5 hours (easy)

I’ll be lapping Centennial Park to get my kilometres up before the end of January. Except for February, I’ll be holding monthly walking club in Centennial the last sunday of every month. There is an asphalt walking loop, which makes it easy for buggies, dogs (on-lead) and hangovers from those long weekend hijinx. So come join for as many laps as you like! All things being well, I’ll only “need”  to do one loop to hit my monthly km target, but I’m a fan of hedging so I may just stick around for a couple. I’m certain there are plenty of pubs nearby for celebratory drinks. It’s the day before my birthday after all, and as last year was cancelled, I’ll be turning 30.

Meeting point: Centennial Park Homestead Pantry


FEBRUARY 2019 - 30km


Sunday 3 February - Manly North Head Walk

Distance: 9.5km, 3-4 hours (moderate)

Another brave venture OTB, I’ll be checking out the 10km loop around Manly North Head. Yet again, a great option to be followed by the odd beverage on Manly Wharf. I mean sure, you can say there is a theme to these walks, but I’m English. We don’t walk without the promise of a pint of Timothy Taylor’s at the end (I’m looking at you, Dad)

Meeting point: Manly wharf


Sunday 10 February - Rose Bay to Watsons Bay

Distance: 10km, 3-4 hours (easy)

What’s not to like? 10km of NSW coastline, within easy reach of almost anywhere, culminating in a pint at one of the most scenic pubs in Sydney, Watson’s Bay Hotel. Plenty of spots to stop for a swim: Milk Beach, Parsley Bay and Watsons Bay itself. There’s even a nudie beach somewhere along this route (or so I hear). But for the sake of everyone involved, you’ll be pleased to know I’ll be remaining fully clothed, myself.

Meeting point: Rose Bay wharf


Thursday 14 February - Sunday 24 February - Byron Bay walks

Distance: 10km+

Alex and I will be taking a long overdue break, and heading back to where it all began. Three years after we met. We’ll be taking on Minyon Falls and the Byron Bay Lighthouse tracks, somehow fitting these in between doing nothing for as much of the holiday as possible!


MARCH 2019 - 41km


Sunday 3 March - Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Walk

Distance: 10km, 5 hours (hard)

This will mark the first “hard” walk I’ll be doing. This is a little-known track, and as such the signage isn’t brilliant. But rumour has it local do-gooders have marked out the track with makeshift signage and ribbons. I also read that Mermaid Pools is sacred land for women in Aboriginal culture and was previously closed to men. So this will be a real treat and a hidden gem of a track to complete.

Meeting point: Lift off will be in cars from Bondi Junction


Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 March - The Coast Walk, Bundeena

Distance: 26km, 2 days (moderate - hard)

This is when the proverbial shit starts to get real. We actually have to fend for ourselves on this one. Alex and I will be doing our first overnighter in prep of the big 3 day walk in April. This walk speaks for itself though: 26km of bush and coastal walking through the National Park near Bundeena. Involves an overnight at a remote campsite. One for the Bear Grylls among you…

Meeting point: Lift off will be in cars from Bondi Junction


Sunday 31 March - monthly walking club: laps of Centennial Park

Distance: 3.6km per lap, 1.5 hours (easy)

I’ll be lapping Centennial Park to get my kilometres up before the end of the month again. Except for February, I’ll be holding monthly walking club in Centennial on the last Sunday of every month for anyone who wants to join in.

Meeting point: Centennial Park Homestead Pantry


APRIL 2019 - 55km


Sunday 7 April - Sphinx Memorial Loop, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Distance: 10km, 3 hours (easy - moderate)

A short drive from Sydney, this loop walk trails past open forests of smooth barked apple gum and red bloodwoods. We’ll go past the historic Halvorsen’s boatshed before heading through thick mangroves and returning to Sphinx Memorial and several pyramids among rough barked tree ferns. Heaps of spots for a nice picnic along the way.

Meeting point: Sphinx Memorial car park or Bondi Junction for a lift


Friday 19 - Sunday 21 April - The Six Foot Track

Distance: 45km, 3 days (hard)

This is it: the big kahuna. The Six Foot Track. This badboy is serious business: a challenging three day hike from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves in the NSW Blue Mountains, which passes through the Blue Mountains National Park and state forests. For anyone wanting to join, there are a few requirements: your own kit, a reasonable level of fitness and an unprecedented level of patience, because I’m pretty tragic at outdoors stuff so prepared to be stretched.

Meeting point: Lift off will be in cars from Bondi Junction early on Friday.


Sunday 28 April - laps of Centennial Park - monthly walking club

Distance: 3.6km per lap, 1.5 hours (easy)

If I am still alive after the six foot track, I’ll be lapping Centennial Park to get my kilometres up before the end of the month again. Except for February, I’ll be holding monthly walking club in Centennial on the last Sunday of every month for anyone who wants to join in.

Meeting point: Centennial Park Homestead Pantry


MAY 2019 - 25km


Sunday 5 May - Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Distance: 6km, 3 hours (easy-moderate)

Returning to the old favourite, I’ll be trying to keep things simple in May after what will likely be a huge month of walking in April. Y’all know the drill…

Meeting point: Bondi Pavillion (Finishing point Coogee Bay Hotel…)


Sunday 12 May -  Sydney Bay Run

Distance: 7km, 2 hours (easy)

Another city-based walk, I’ll be tackling the Bay Run for some Sydney appreciation. Given that the path is never further than 20m from the water, the views are said to be incredible. Pubs-a-plenty for afters.

Meeting point: King George Park, Rozelle


Sunday 19 May - Mt Ku-ring-gai to Berowra, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Distance: 9km, 3 hours (moderate)

As per NSW Parks and Wildlife site: “Starting from Mount Ku-ring-gai Train Station, this moderately challenging track leads through dense woodlands past an Aboriginal midden of the Guringai people. The track leads to historic Appletree Bay, where you’ll follow Cowan Creek to Waratah Bay, the site of Windybank’s Boatshed. A rusting frame is all that’s left of a romantic holiday ‘paradise’. From here, it’s a steep climb to Berowra Station.” Sounds good to me!

Meeting point: Mount Ku-ring-gai Train Station


Sunday 26 May - Monthly walking club: laps of Centennial Park

Distance: 3.6km per lap, 1.5 hours (easy)

Once again, I’ll be lapping Centennial Park to get my kilometres up before the end of the month again. Except for February, I’ll be holding monthly walking club in Centennial on the last Sunday of every month for anyone who wants to join in. 

Meeting point: Centennial Park Homestead Pantry


JUNE 2019 - 29km


Sunday 30 June - Monthly walking club: laps of Centennial Park

Distance: 3.6km per lap, 1.5 hours (easy)

As winter really starts to kick us in the nuts, I’ll be persevering with Centennial Park laps to get my kilometres up before the end of the month again. Except for February, I’ll be holding monthly walking club in Centennial on the last Sunday of every month for anyone who wants to join in.

 Meeting point: Centennial Park Homestead Pantry


Send me a message if you want to get involved, and thanks again for all the support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Hannah Soulsby


Mamma And Mick

So typical of you to not take the easier option of a one off 20miler and literally go that extra mile instead. So proud of you for so many reasons, you have faced this year with grace, humour and honesty, all the while somehow also managing to think of others and of doing something to say thank you even when in the midst of your treatment and at your lowest, when you had no energy and were feeling rubbish. Well, you go girl and smash that target for all the amazing people who have helped you at The Royal Hospital and for all those unfortunate enough to need their help in the future. Love you, Mamma and Mick ❤️



You’re an absolute trooper! Good luck finishing off the rest!


Mark, Lisa, Jasmine, Oli & Lochy Adamik

Here’s $1 for every kilometre walked and women diagnosed. Champion effort. You’re a legend. We’ll definarely join you for a walk along your journey.




Alice Duffy

Sorry Hannah I meant to do this earlier but Christmas got in the way! You are an inspiration. I hope you can share the challenge with the friends that have helped you on your journey so far. Watch out for blisters....and spiders....and snakes!!! Lots of love, Alice and John xxx


Mike & Emer Soulsby


Kathleen Halton

Wow, what a challenge and you’ve already raised so much. You’re such a positive spirit, truly amazing, it’s Sydneys gain for sure. How lucky are they to have you as a spokes person. From the heart from Auntie Katie. Love you.


Gabrielle Mann

Hannah, you are an inspiration! Good luck with your journey.


Viral Ventures

See you at the finish line bar x




Chloe, Jack, Elsie, Millie And Bump

Way to go Aunty Hannah and Uncle Al, you can do it. Lots of love from the Uk x x x x x


John & Linda

Thank you Hannah for everything. You be a star!


Omer Gokmen

Great cause Hannah! Mum was diagnosed in September 2018 and is going through treatment right now. She developed an infection that her immune system couldn't fight off and had to spend two weeks at hospital over Christmas. The nurses at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre in Melbourne were amazing. Good luck!


Nick And Charly

You are amazing and we love you so so much!! Keep smashing it! Love, Nick and Charly


Christine Toomeh

You're a Superstar! That's what you are! Good Luck x


Danielle Farmer





Awesome cause and amazing effort Hannah! :-)


Tanya Stocks

Hello beautiful Hannah! You are an inspiration and it is so wonderful what you doing. This is an amazing foundation. Lots of love Tanya Stocks xo


Claire Wainwright

You’re my hero Souls. Love ya x



Your reselience and determination is something you should feel so proud of - what an incredible cause, very happy to support something so fantastic as this. ❤️


Natalie Berney

Go Hannah! best wishes from Natalie B


The Lindsay’s

Amazing idea, you’re such an inspiration! Would love to join you on some of the walks!


Yolanda Kennedy

This is amazing. You are amazing. x


Antonia And Mike



Sue And Dave Lansom

GO Girl GO. You continue to blow us all away by your spirit and determination. Love Sue and Dave Lansom xx


Keith And Anne

You are truly an inspiration Hannah. Keith and Anne x


Bec Hayes

You're an amazing woman for the way you've fought your own battle and now helping others in theirs. Xoxoxo


Tom Barrett

You are amazing. Merry Christmas buddy!


Stephanie Woodgate

You were an amazing patient Hannah and congratulations on raising substantial funds for the Foundation, love Stephanie


Tim & Deb Culverhouse

In all respects Hannah you’re just awesome! Go girl xxx


Adele Morrison

You are one inspiring woman - fantastic stuff Hannah


Steph Steiner

Hannah... I can't say it enough, you are an absolute fkn rock star!!! This world is a far better place for having you in it with your strength, positivity and generosity. I'm so proud of you. LEGEND! xxxx


Little Me Waverley

Hi Hannah, Wishing you all the best on your treks!! What you are doing is amazing!! From the Team at Little Me Waverley 😊


Lisa Boden Shah

What a great thing to do. Sending love as always, Lisa & Jef xx


Trevor Williams And Lynne Bonnett


Sam French

For someone who has already overcome such a huge challenge... this one will be a walk in a park... well a few parks!


Linda Beagrie

Happy International Women’s Day Hannah. So proud to have you in our family. YOU are my inspirational woman. Love always. X


Caroline Duggan


Geri Mangrai

Nice work Hannah


Hannah Soulsby


Di Nguyen

Such an amazing way to give back Hannah x


Niamh Lysaght

Brilliant cause and brilliant effort. Would love to join you on some of your walks


Hayley Ericksen


Mitchell Leversedge

It sounds like you're about to become the fittest person at Macquaire! Can't wait to hear about your adventures next time we catch up.


Sun Kim

This is really inspiring. I wish you success in your efforts.


Debbie Ennis

Keep inspiring others Hannah and well done on giving back so those that follow may benefit from your journey.


James Mair

Happy Birthday Hannah! You show that pavement (sidewalk?!... I’m not sure of the Australian term 🤔 pave-o 🤷🏻‍♂️) who’s boss! Xx



Go Hannah!


Karin Post

Great cause! I would love to walk with you 😘


Kath Ritter

Wonderful efforts Hannah. You are an inspiration to all of us! Looking forward to hearing about your favourites :)


Lara Behrens

Nice one rafiki! Let me know when you fancy some company. Would ❤️ To walk with you. Huge smooches xxx


Melanie And Jay Bonnor

You go Han! #legend 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Roberta Rakove And Michael Plumpton

Good luck with this project. You'll probably out walk your dad!


Khierah Salam

So inspiring Hannah! Wishing you all the best xx


Sarah Brady Cahill

Hey lady! I have been watching your journey from the other side of the world. So happy to be able to donate to your cause! Love and miss you xx


Nicki And Conrad Lashley

You are a true inspiration Hannah. Wishing you lots of luck.


Julie & Bruce Biddle

What a wonderful thing to do. Good luck and best wishes xx


Amelia Funnell

So proud of you for doing this! I’m keen to participate and walk with you!! Xx


James Killeen

Maximum walkscout. Well done Han x


Berenice Bromley


Kristen Hardeman

Inspired by you Hans - thanks for fighting for other women as much as you fight for yourself. So much love to you!


Vincent Hughes - Mick’s Biker Grouo

Have some great walks xx


Chris Cooper



Fantastic effort, Han. AT xx


David Eccles

Best feet forward! Good luck with it all.




Pat Huxley


Brooke Midgley


Eleanor And Roger

We’re sure you will meet your target. They sound beautiful walks. Go Hannah Go! X


Mair Price

Superstar x


Ellie , Julia And Jessica

What a wonderful thing to do! Enjoy the walks Hannah. They sound amazing! X


Jonathan Lindley

Good luck!


John & Sally Rimmer


Louise Gowland

Great work babe 💕🌞


Lizzie Sharpe

Happy international women's day Hannah! Keep being amazing. 😘


Chloe Murphy

Your body is amazing, you are amazing, enjoy every second of the challenge. If anyone can do it, you can! Xxxx



You amazing human doing amazing things! Xx


Toni Rizk Ibrahim

This is absolutely spectacular! Good luck


Zara Merchant

This is amazing, you truly are an inspiration! Good luck with it all!


Mel Holton

Hi Hannah, like many of your dad’s FB friends I have followed your inspirational story with pride and relief that you’re now ok. I really hope that your walks bring you some closure and of course bring help to those who require it most in their time of need. You are an inspiration to us all, bravo!!


Keith Burn


Eliza Morris

Good luck Han!


Julie Hewlett

Good luck Hannah so proud of you. Go girl go. Xxx


Mel Groves

Well done.


Darryl Read


Nathan Shackcloth

Good luck!!


Gillian Wainwright

Well done Hannah, you’re just fantastic. Xxxx



Keep up the good work!


Denise Baker


Linda & Benny

Go girl! You're smashing it! Loving reading your updates :)

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